Introducing… Only Mine Handmade Chocolates!

Only Mine ChocolatesOnly Mine are beautiful, hand-crafted chocolates produced with flavour in mind, every time. Founders Jason Stockton and Anya Tran don’t pick fancy ingredients to ‘be different’, they pick the best ingredients for their flavour, and let the taste do the talking.

Anya and Jason had been wanting to start a business together and were always thinking of ideas. One day Jason was baking and mentioned to Anya that he really liked working with chocolate, and Anya replied “that’s funny, I always wanted to open a dessert shop”. That was it, they dropped all their plans and started creating chocolates.

Originally working out of their home kitchen, Jason and Anya set out to create the tastiest, most beautiful chocolates they could, using real ingredients. Only Mine was the perfect way to let their creativity run free, coming up with flavours inspired by their vastly different upbringings on opposite sides of the world. They learnt everything through research and experimentation. Every mistake led to a discovery of a new way, a new taste or a new texture.

Jason and Anya spent five months developing their flavours and Only Mine’s unique look before they sold their first chocolates at a market in January 2016. Only Mine went online in April 2016, with the chocolate factory /dessert bar opening in Olinda in December 2017.

Every chocolate Jason and Anya produce needs to meet their highest standards, if they don’t – they won’t hit the shelves. Nothing makes them feel better than when they see people’s faces light up when they first taste Only Mine chocolates. Make sure you stop by to taste Only Mine chocolates for yourself at the Only Mine Chocolate Factory, 540 Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd Olinda, in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges.

Ross Group clients receive 5% off the range of chocolates in the Only Mine online store using the code: ROSSGROUP. This code expires Dec 2018, so get those Christmas gifts sorted ASAP! To get in touch with the Only Mine crew, simply email

Only Mine Chocolates