Introducing… Kyberd Hills Wines!

Michael Kyberd studied winemaking with some really fabulous people, Dan Hills being one of them. Whilst studying for his Oenology degree, he visited England and spent some time with Dan’s family, which he found rather fun. 

A few years after graduating and moving to the glorious Mornington Peninsula to ply his trade, he visited the Hills family again. This time he met Dan’s older sister Nicolette.  And that, as they say, was that. Not very long after, Nics left friends, family and a successful business in old blighty to move to Australia.

Michael and Nics made wine for several great companies and people over a twenty-year period, and as time went by, various friends started to hassle them about starting their own brand. And so, in partnership with their friends Kim and David Wilson and a few of their very favourite vineyards, Kyberd Hills was born.

After lecturing many people over the years that the only path to success in this cool climate region is to aim high, Kyberd Hills now embodies that notion. Their winemaking philosophy is purity, precision and balance. Intervention is minimal. Timing is everything. But above all, they make their wines with love in their hearts.

Kyberd Hills make only two varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The Chardonnay is from the 2014 vintage and the Pinot is from the 2016.

Mention you’re a Ross Group client and, for the month of October, receive 30% off Kyberd Hills wines! So each wine, which is normally priced at $50 per bottle, can be yours for just $35. To place your order, call Michael on 0417 556 836.

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