Book Review: Paperclips Don’t Grow on Trees

Adding value, not cost, to your business

The 7 most expensive words in any organisation are…’We have always done it that way.’ Running a business is tough at the best of times, but when things are going well it’s easy to be complacent. Few business owners and leaders are complacent today, however. After decades of growth and prosperity, the GFC was a wake-up call for many, and a reminder that good financial business practices not only deliver greater margins, but can prove a lifeline in difficult times.

Most business owners and middle managers are still nervous about personal finances and job security. What – if anything – can be done by the average person to secure their business and their role in it? Most obstacles present opportunities. Paper Clips Don’t Grow On Trees offers readers practical, positive options in terms of reducing costs and adding value to their operation. The author, Catherine DeVrye, is a best-selling author and winner of the Australian Executive Woman of the Year Award.

What do others have to say about this book?

Hon. Mike Baird 
‘Congratulations on a wonderful book. I have read “paperclips Don’t Grow on Trees” with much interest and commend you on providing effective cost saving ideas for both large and small business.The book is easy to read, humorous and offers practical ways to add value to any business.’

Paul Koenig – Partner European Australian Advisory Group (formerly PWC)
‘Paperclips’ is a superb book everyone in management, whether in an SME or in the largest multinational corporation, must read.  It reminds the reader of the very basics of business: only incur a cost if it adds value to your business.  We all know what Catherine writes about – the trouble is it has slipped to the back of our mind and this book jolts it back to the front in a fun and entertaining series of stories and analogies.  You should read this book a chapter a day to jog your memory every day.  Your business survival depends on it! I loved this book’

Graham Street – NZ Appliance Association 
‘I have really enjoyed Paperclips. It is great, nice & short chapters. Every manager, supervisor, employee & self employed regardless of what they do should read it. I am recommending it to everyone.’

Stephen Mudge – Consulting Geophysicist 
‘Your concept of “adding cost” or “adding value” has certainly made me think, and I suddenly realised what some of my clients have been saying for a while that one of my standard reports I issue with processed data contains too much detail and is unnecessarily  too long for them – they only what the answers, not the detail and explanation as to why the answer is the way it is.  Now I see that I’m not adding value for them by providing too much detail.  I’m now going to reduce it from 20 pages to about 5 pages.  That will do them a favour in spending less time and mental effort trying to read and understand it all.  I wasted about 30 days getting the long report just right – but failed to realise that in doing this I was actually not adding value, just increasing my cost and wasting my clients time trying to read it.  So thanks for seeing the big picture and passing it on to us more highly focused boffins’

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