Book of the Month: Entrepreneurial You

Entrepreneurial YouIt’s no secret that we’re shifting toward an ever-more entrepreneurial, self-reliant, work-from-wherever-you-are economy. That can be a liberating force, and many professionals dream of becoming independent, whether by starting their own businesses, becoming consultants or freelancers, or developing a sideline.

But what does it really take to create the career you want?

There’s a major obstacle you face when you contemplate taking the leap: how to actually make money doing what you love. You may have incredible talent and novel ideas, but figuring out how to get started, building your reputation in a new realm, developing multiple revenue streams and bringing in a steady flow of new clients can be a daunting prospect.

Dorie Clark, a successful entrepreneur and author, has done it all. And in Entrepreneurial You she provides a blueprint for professional independence, with insights and advice on building your brand, monetising your expertise and extending your reach and impact online. In short, engaging chapters she outlines the necessary elements and concrete tactics for entrepreneurial success. She shares the stories of entrepreneurs of all kinds – from consultants and coaches to podcasters, bloggers and online marketers – who have generated six and seven-figure incomes.

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur looking to expand your revenue streams, an aspiring side-hustler starting your business or a happily-settled corporate executive looking for creative new ideas about how to think entrepreneurially, this book will be your hands-on guide to building a portfolio of traditional and online revenue streams.