Ross Group, your Virtual CFO

Ross Group your Virtual CFOOne of the main reasons small businesses fail is because they run out of money.  Small Business is generally the brain child of someone with a great idea or a specific skill, passion and enthusiasm… and little to no experience in how to successfully run and operate a small business.  This is why solid advice still stands, surround yourself with experts and mentors.

At Ross Group we have extended this offer to include our services as your Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  This allows us to support your business growth strategies, through providing you with coaching and regular performance reports to drive and improve the financial results of your business, so you don’t become a statistic and run out of money.

Our CFO service is ultimately financial mentoring, as we work with you to implement internal controls and improve your accounting function, setting, managing and understanding your budgets and cashflow.  With our fresh eye approach, we provide you with insight into your business operations and structure, and it’s free of emotion, just facts.

Today’s technology has changed the way we can do business, we can be remote, virtual, yet still communicate in person, via phone, or video conference, through sharing screens, or the traditional  way, face to face.  Our service provides you with all the benefits of a CFO, without the permanent employee overheads, and we tailor packages to suit your specific business needs.

The advice we provide is based on facts, intellectual honesty, our own real experiences and up to date knowledge.  We objectively work with you on:

  • Strategic planning, including growth plans and identifying key success factors systems assessments and development
  • Profitability improvements including results analysis
  • Budgets
  • Cash Flow Strategies
  • Track Performance

As your virtual CFO, we are your sounding board, giving you opportunities to discuss and explore complex business ideas and proposals.  We are impartial, proficient and qualified to support you in making the right decisions in real time for your business success.  Contact us at Ross Group to learn more about our services and help you achieve your business goals and positively impact your bottom line.